Joel Wentz

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Dear Christians, Your Vote Is (Not) A Big Deal

As you may (hopefully) be aware, the American Presidential election is (finally) happening next week. As you may also be aware,  Christians have been tying themselves into knots over the choice placed before them. Particularly the moderate-conservative end of the spectrum (the majority of American Evangelical Christians) cannot seem to stomach a vote for either pro-Abortion Hillary, or pro-himself Trump. Some are resorting to protest, Third-Party votes, or resigning themselves to simply not voting at the top of the ticket. Others are passionate about Hillary taking the office, viscerally driven by an unholy terror of the prospect of Donald Trump obtaining the codes for our nuclear arsenal and hearing "state of the union" addresses from him for the next 4 years.


Whatever way you cut it, pretty much everyone seems to be having an existential crisis.

My personal hope is that we Christians can come out on the other end of this election cycle with surer footing, because right now it feels like our community is gasping for air and frantically questioning everything we've ever been told about America's religious history, moral center, and future trajectory. And from my perspective, frantic gasping is not conducive to making healthy choices, so let's collectively take a deep breath.

Your Vote Is A Big Deal

No, I do not mean this in the sanctimonious, overly-individualized, idealistic, first-grade-classroom-mock-election sense. Frankly, your vote is one drop in a Pacific ocean of ballots, and for those of you who live in a state that consistently swings to the opposite party, your vote feels particularly worthless.

However, it certainly is a big deal that we live under a representative government that is ostensibly driven by the voice of the people. It is crucially important to remember that the body of Christ, of which we in America are but one member, exists throughout the world. Many of those other members live under totalitarian regimes, dictatorships, and war-ravaged continents, and for them a representative democracy may feel like a far-off dream that will never be experienced in their lifetime. For their sake, we dare not take for granted what we have been given.

I am also convinced that when the church is functioning in a healthy manner, it becomes the much-needed "conscience" and "critic" of the state.* We are not to be simply a tool of said state, a lever to be pulled and manipulated when strategic votes are needed, although I am afraid this is precisely what is happening concerning hot-button issues like Abortion and Supreme Court Justices; rather, we must maintain our prophetic zeal for a world that should look closer and closer to the Kingdom inaugurated by Jesus. In America, one of many ways that this zeal can be expressed is through the ballot box, not only for presidential bids, but for local propositions and city council members, which, frankly, have a more immediate impact on the life and health of your community anyways.

And do not forget, as we Americans are wont to do, that the rest of the world is watching this election. The de facto "leader of the free world" will be sworn in based on our choices next week, and throngs of people throughout the globe will be affected by an election they do not have a voice in. Use your voice for them.

Vote on November 8th. It's a big deal.

Your Vote Is (Not) A Big Deal

But please, dear Christians, do not helplessly fall victim to the lie that the way you cast your vote on November 8th is the sum total of your entire Christian expression and social ethic in this life. I'm convinced this lie is a major reason so many Evangelicals are developing ulcers this year, for we live in the shadow of a moral majority movement that has conditioned us for decades to believe that the implementation of a Christian government in America was a feat of near-eschatological importance. Furthermore, this implementation was narrowly defined as requiring a pro-small-government (but pro-large-military?) conservative leader who would be our shield and strong tower amidst the growing threat of a increasingly-secularized America. 

It's a good thing we have a model in David, who also turned to the power of the state when he was feeling threatened by enemies. Oh, wait a minute.....

Remember, God's plan for humanity was never dependent on a certain vision of governance for the American experiment. Instead, this globe-spanning plan was successfully launched over 2,000 years ago through the faithfulness of the Son in walking to the cross. Our vote cannot change that.

Remember, Jesus does not need America to be "Christian," however that is defined. He is (and will remain) seated on his throne, regardless of who occupies the White House. Don't defile this truth by placing inordinate emotional weight on the outcome of the American election.

Remember, when you were baptized into the Kingdom of God, your citizenship was transferred into a global Kingdom without end that would ultimately destroy every Kingdom that humans can build. Unnecessary hand-wringing over this election only points to the fact that you aren't convinced of this reality. 

Remember, our ability, as the body of Christ, to love both God and neighbor is neither hindered nor enabled by the outcome this election. We are still called to go forth with God's ministry of reconciliation, just as our brothers and sisters in Syria are doing in the midst of relentless persecution

Don't misplace your hope. Lift your eyes. Seek God's face. Go vote next week, and then, regardless of the result, be Christ in the world.


*Martin Luther King, Jr.; A Knock At Midnight