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God, part 1: Incarnation

Ten Minute theology is back, with a new mini-series. It may seem strange to focus on a topic as broad as "God" in a 10-minute podcast, but I think you'll find that the deeper you get into this topic, the more interesting in gets...

Up first: the Incarnation! Strap on your thinking cap and dive into the paradox of full humanity and full divinity in the person of Jesus. Why does this matter? Listen and see for yourself.

God and the Future

After a nearly-summer-long hiatus, Ten Minute Theology is back! Join me for an all-too-brief overview of two major theological options regarding God's relationship to the future: Process Theology and Open Theism. What is it that these views believe about God? Are they based in Scripture at all? What has all the controversy been about?

Take a listen, and possibly get (some) questions answered!

"Inerrant" or "In Error?" What's the difference?

Join me for a brief discussion surrounding a heated controversy - is the Bible "inerrant?" Or, put more simply, "can the Bible be trusted?" What do we modern people do when we encounter seeming contradictions or scientific errors in the Biblical text? Is this cause to abandon faith altogether? How can Christians navigate this important discussion?

A Note on Wrath

The "wrath of God" is a frequently-used phrase, especially in Evangelical popular theology. But what is God's wrath, exactly? What is it directed towards? How does it affect what you believe about God? Join me for a brief discussion of these questions and concepts, as what you believe about God's wrath actually has a huge impact on what you believe about Him in general.

Church History Highlight: John of Damascus

A frequently-overlooked controversy raged in the early church: the question of using images in worship. Why would this be a concern? Why would scholars, emperors, and early theologians bother talking about it? Join me for an overview of the issue, as well as a conversation about the man who played a significant role in shaping its resolution, impacting even our worship practices to this day.

NOTE: Several times in this episode, I refer to the Byzantine Pope Leo III, but he was actually the Byzantine EMPEROR, not a pope. I apologize for the confusion.

An Easter Reflection

Easter is the most important event in the Christian calendar - the resurrection of Jesus, the son of God! The stories of the resurrection are told and retold every year in Christian gatherings around the world, but what are the unique nuances of the Easter stories as told in the original Gospel documents? More importantly, does paying attention to these differences even matter? What can we learn from them? Join me for a brief reflection on how Mark, Matthew, Luke and John write about the resurrection of Christ.

Special Episode: Old Testament "Crash Course"

This "crash course" is a special episode of "Ten Minute Theology." The audio is taken from a lecture I gave at a young adult gathering last week in Portland, Maine, in response to many questions about how to read and understand the Old Testament documents. It's a **bit** longer than 10 minutes, but if you are at all interested in the theology of the Old Testament, I think you will enjoy this discussion.

Throughout the talk, I refer to a worksheet that you can download here.

Eschatology, or "What about the Rapture?"

What do Nic Cage, some Puritan preachers, and the book of Revelation all have in common? Aside from a lot of confusion, they all are connected by a field of theology called "Eschatology," or the "study of the end." Join me for a discussion of various ways to interpret the end of the age. What are the important biblical verses? How have they been understood throughout history, what are we to make of them, and most importantly, why does it matter?

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Ten Minute Theology #1 - Atonement

Check out the first episode of "Ten Minute Theology," seeking to think rightly about God, scriptures, and the church....ten minutes at a time.


This inaugural episode is centered around a concept that garners much discussion in books, blogs, and sermons, and is something I am quite passionate about: atonement. How does Jesus' death and resurrection atone for the sins of humans? Did God need to punish someone? Does this matter to us today?